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Raven Feather Spiritual Healer

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Am I an Empath

 Want to know if you're an empath and if so what kind?  Did you know there are 10 different types of Empathic people? This class will help you understand what being an Empath is, what different types there are and which one(s) you are.

If you are an Empath, you will experience a combination of some or all of the following symp

Energy Protection Basics

 There are dangers in the world today.  We deal with them every day.  Bad drivers, angry people, go to new locations or buy a house not knowing the history of it.  Bring in used items into our home thinking 'awesome I'm keeping this out of the landfill', which is awesome and I fully support reuse.  But we deal with every day dangers by being aware of who tell where we live, drive safe, engage help if needed from that of law enforcement, friends and family

What about the dangers we can't see, the ones we feel, the ones we sense, the ones we think others will think we're crazy if we say what we're afraid of out loud.  Those are just as real as any physical person threatening to harm you.  Spiritual attack in the form of jealousy, envy, hate are a few of the feelings that can be sent at us knowing or unknowing that cause us negativity to attach to us.  Stepping into a location we don't know the history of can allow us to be open to what's there to see us and attach itself to us.

What Realm am I From?


When I’m not here in human form

Where do I go

Where do I hang out

How does that influence what I look like and how I act

How does that influence my mission (personal or global)

How does that influence how I interact with others

Would you like to know more about yourself?

Why do I not fit in

Why am I so good at technical stuff

Why do I love the Victorian Era 

Why am I drawn to Egyptian, Greek or Myan studies

Why do I have a love / hate relationship with food

Why am I prone to an addictive personality

Walking in the Light of the Craft

Need a way to clear your home of negative energy or are you on a journey to heal?  I can help with a reading, specialized sprays, oils, mojo bags etc...to aid in clearin gout the stagnant or harmful to help you with your ascension. spiritual items medium psychic

About Me



Psychic Medium,  Energy/Spiritual Healer, Elemental Reiki and Realm Reader Certified


More Information

I have researched everything I can get my hands on to understand all the belief system that are out there to obtain a better understanding of people and where they come from in their spiritual journey.  Understanding everyone individually is the only way to truly have acceptance no matter where you come from and what your beliefs are.  When I look at people I see your soul, not your physical make up, therefore, I don't make judgment based on your heritage but on your intent and motives in this world. 

To better help people I have become an ordained minister and I do have a black belt in the world of martial arts.  I have been given gifts of sight, hearing , feeling and knowing and I do not take this lightly.  I believe those of us who are blessed with these gifts have a great responsibility to help each other.

I specialize in protection and protection techniques, cleansing, banishing and healing you and your location.  I work with those who's abilities are just opening up to help them learn control and love working with high vibrational / gifted kids.  I do readings and energy work with Reiki.  I do refer you if I know someone else can do more for you than I can.  Healing is about getting you what you need, not about me or the person doing the healing, we are messengers and tools here for you.

~Blessed Be

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